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Mackie - D8B - 56 Input/72-Channel Digital Console w/Free Gift Pack

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    The Mackie Digital 8-Bus is a fully automated, 56-input, 72-channel, 8 bus digital console-with an analog feel-and analog features such as full meter bridge, trim control, mic/line switch, mute, solo, and 100mm motorized faders. These are individual controls, not multifunction buttons or pages on a screen. The "V-Pot" and "V-Strip" give rotary control with single button push accessibility to aux sends and pan-12 aux sends and pan on all 48 channels. With an abundance of DSP horsepower, the D8B offers 4 band parametric EQ, compression, and gating on 48 channels. The EQ, dynamics, and 2 on-board global effects (expandable to 8 stereo effects) are controlled from rotary controls in the "Fat Channel." A true 56 input, 8 Bus digital console with 24 bit main outputs. 
    The D8B runs on Mackie’s exclusive Real Time Operating System enabling the console to integrate into any existing system. The D8B also utilizes a true workstation-class 32-bit Pentium Compatible CPU Processor. Besides riding herd over 48 tracks of audio, the CPU can perform true computer operations like reading and writing to floppy and hard drives and powering full-color monitors up to 21" via a built-in SVGA Video Port. You can even add a PC-compatible keyboard and PS/2(tm) mouse. 
    The D8B boasts over a TeraFlop of instructions per second (Three Billion instructions per second!). Mixers ten times the cost of the D8B don’t have this kind of brutish digital muscle. This horsepower enables the console to run digital functions such as EQ, gating and compression on forty-eight simultaneous channels. The board can be also expanded via optional analog and digital I/O cards and DSP capabilities can be expanded by adding third-party software plug-ins. 
    The Mackie Digital 8-Bus also features both 5.1 and 7.1 Surround-Sound capabilities (actually from 2 to 8 speakers in several configurations) in a user-adjustable 3-D graphic floating window. Industry standard 5.1 configures five output channels, Left/Front and Right/Front, Left/Back and Right/Back, and Subwoofer/Center. The 7.1 configuration adds a pair of Left and Right Center speakers to the five. A green ball, found at the center of the graphics window, represents a visual cue in which users can move off the "sweet spot" (center), toward or away from the designated speakers, moving around the grid. 
    The Surround-Sound window also includes ’Morph’ time-based features. Morphing moves the sound center between point A and point B over a specified time length. 
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    Also Included 
    AES/EBU Card: 8 channels of AES/EBU digital audio input and output at 96kHz with direct digital connection between Digital X Bus and other AES/EBU compliant equipment and Uses one female 25-pin D-Sub connector. 
    Gift Pack: 
  • Three free DIO-8 Cards 
  • Two free UFX Cards 
  • Free Acuma Filter Machine Plug-In 
  • Free Acuma Delay Factor Plug-In 
  • Free Acuma Time Pak Plug-In 
  • Free Acuma Final Mix Plug-In 
  • Free Acuma DSR-I Plug-In 
  • Free Acuma Saturated Fat Plug-In 
  • Free Acuma RTA-31 Plug-In 
  • TC Electronic Level 1 Reverb Plug-In 
  • Mackie Mono Delay Plug-In 
  • Free Mackie Coffee Mug 
  • Third-party plug-ins via the Mackie UFX card 
  • Enhanced dynamics 
  • Input keying and EQ filter 
  • Soft knee compression toggle 
  • Linear and exponentional option 
  • 48-channel overview screen 
  • 200 levels of undo - 24-bit Alt I/O 
  • Advanced Mix Editor features including 
  • New view-sizing arrows 
  • Auto-loop SMPTE time code boxes 
  • Contextual right mouse click for track parameters and time bars 
  • Event Automation Track 
  • Enhanced Surround Sound mixing environment with: 
    Depth of Center Control 
    Surround LFE Gain Control for each channel 
    Surround-corrected bus/track assignment 
  • Surround Front-to-Rear Pan Control via control surface or MIDI 
  • Surround GUI update - new 72-channel overview 
  • Triumphant Return of the Desktop - drag and drop file management between File windows 
  • Enhanced, flexible MIDI I/O mapping for all channel strip and master parameters 
  • Assignable MIDI commands on transport (REW, FF, STOP, PLAY, REC) and on the D8B master control section 
  • Insert and patch point feature on channels - source either plug-ins, 8 aux sends, 8 buses or 72 channels (pre-DSP only) 
  • 24-bit plug-in inserts across Main L/R buses 
  • Time offset (delay) on each channels 1-48 with 255 samples 
  • Cross-Patching assigns channel strip in various orders 
  • Non-destructive Ungrouping 
  • Optional fader control of level to tape - direct out signal follows the source fader channel 
  • Multiple direct outs per channel 
  • Snapshot Library 
  • Paste Repeat for automation level looping and building rock-solid grooves 
  • Pre/Post assignment of each aux send on each channel 
  • Improved BBT resolution and clocking accuracy 
  • Virtual group control extended to buses and MIDI faders 
  • Meters: LED ladders displaying 24 channels, 24 LEDs per channel from -50 to 0 dBfs (0dBfs = +20dBu) 
  • Frequency Response: 20Hz-20kHz +/-0.5 dB 
  • Converters: 24-Bit, 115 dB Signal-to-Noise-Ratio (EIAJ), 106 dB Dynamic Range, 128X oversampling 
  • DSP: 32 bit (>190dB dynamic range) 
  • CPU: 166 MHz Pentium 
  • File Storage: floppy drive, internal hard drive or 10-base-T Ethernet network Apogee UV22 16-bit Super CD Encoding on-board 
  • Crosstalk (@ 1kHz) 
  • Adjacent channels: -90 dBu 
  • Aux sends feed through: -90 dBu 
  • Main outputs: -90 dBu 
  • Equalizer 
  • Gain Range: +/- 15dB 
  • Frequency range: 20-20kHz split into 4 bands 
  • Q: 1/12 to 3 octave 
  • Compressor 
  • Threshold: -60 to -1 dB 
  • Attack: 0.3ms to 2.6sec 
  • Release: 80 ms to 2.6sec 
  • Ratio: 1:1 to 20:1 
  • Output: 0.0dB to 20 dB 
  • Gate 
  • Threshold: -60 to -1 dB 
  • Attack: 0.1ms to 0.6sec 
  • Release: 80 ms to 2.6sec 
  • Range: 0dB to 100dB 
  • Analog Input/Output Section Output Level (0db=0.775v r.m.s.) 
  • Left and Right Outputs: +22dBu balanced 1/4" TRS; +28dBu balanced XLR 
  • Bus (Tape) out: +22dBu balanced 1/4" TRS 
  • Aux sends: +22dBU balanced 1/4" TRS 
  • Inserts: +22dBu unbalanced 1/4" TRS 
  • Channel Section (mic/line) 
  • Line input: balanced 1/4" TRS input 
  • Mic Input: balanced XLR input 
  • Preamp dynamic range: 114 dB max. 
  • E.I.N.: -129.5dBu, 150 ohm source; -131.2dBV 150 ohm source 
  • CMRR: -83dBu @1kHz 
  • Distortion: 0.005% @ 1kHz +14dBU output level (20Hz-20kHz filter) 
  • Mic gain range: Unity to +60dB 
  • Line In gain range: -20dB to +40dB (channels 1-12) , -20dB to +20dB (channels 13-24) 
  • Input max. level: +4dBu nominal +22dBu clipping 
  • Aux send gain range: off to +10dB 
  • Bus out gain range: off to +10dB 
  • Threshold: -60 to -1 dB 
  • Ch. fader gain range: -100 to +10dB 
  • Unit: 8.7" x 37.6" x 27.1" 
  • WEIGHT: 73 lbs. 

D8B - 56 Input/72-Channel Digital Console w/Free Gift Pack